Why does teams assume all of my contacts use Skype/Teams for audio calls?

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One of the things that keeps me using both Skype4b and Teams instead of switching to Teams Only mode is that Teams makes it more difficult to place a call to my contacts.  Many of my contacts don't use Skype or Teams for voice calls, they use a traditional desk phone and/or mobile phone for calling.  Most of them don't even have a headset connected to their computer that they could use to receive a call if they wanted to. 


In Skype4b, when I click the button to call a contact, I get a dropdown menu asking whether to call them on skype or at one of their phone numbers... I just click the work number, or mobile number, and it dials the call.  


With Teams, if I click the button to call a contact, I never get the choice of how to call them, it just starts calling on Teams/Skype.  If I want to call their work or cell phone, I have to flip over to the calls tab, click on their picture on the right so it shows their contact info, and then dial their number manually in teams.  I may as well break out the white pages and rotary dial it! :p


Have you considered making it easier to call a contact's phone(s), instead of forcing calls to their Skype app?

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Yes, we have it on our backlog to allow Teams users dial their contacts' phone numbers directly without having to do it old-school-style like you mentioned above. Don't have dates to share yet but something that is currently in our future plans.

Hi @Rish Mukherji, do you have any dates to share as of yet? As I'm sure you can understand the ability to transfer calls to external users that don't use teams is v.important for the PAs in the office.