Who can set up a breakout room?

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Looks like currently only the meeting organized is allowed to set up breakout rooms.  Is there an ability to designate this no another presenter.  Our organization host large session and we find it helpful to configure a co-host to help manage the presentation. This allows more than one person to manually create rooms and assign room members. 

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@Christian Zenzano  thanks for this question. Ability to extend the management of Breakout Rooms to specific presenters is currently being worked on. Please refer to our Roadmap Microsoft 365 Roadmap | Microsoft 365 for the latest updates on timelines

Will there be a feature to also specify a facilitator or notetaker for each room created?
Will members be able to ask for assistance from a organizer \ co-host if they are having issue within a breakout session.

@Christian Zenzano : with upcoming feature of Breakout Room preconfiguration, organizer will be able to define participant roles for each Breakout Rooms, including presenter roles who will be entitled to manage rooms.

Participants can ask for organizer assistance via the Breakout Rooms chat, where they can @mention organizer to ask for help.