Whiteboard on Teams – how to troubleshooting?

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I had a case where user was unable to use whiteboard in a Teams meeting (in Teams meeting: share – whiteboard). When taking diagnostic logs out during the problem and sent that to support, they told that they were unable to see anything in there.

So, how shall we should be able to troubleshooting WhiteBoard inside Teams?

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@Petri X 

I saw that, too. An I think it was a temporary issue.

An error message appeared when you tried to start a WhiteBoard in a meeting that had not startet a WhiteBoard before.

It is fixed by now.


That is true, but - at least - I hate the cases when I have no visibility to the issues like this. It is not so nice to stand front of users and say: "I have no idea what is wrong.."

@Petri X   I am trying to figure out why my entire whiteboard is black and I cannot use any of the pens.  Help!