Whiteboard during calls as opposed to 'meetings'

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I learned recently that Whiteboard sessions can only be started when a Teams 'meeting' (including an impromptu one that doesn't have a calendar even associated with it) has been started from the calendar tab, but not during a call started right inside a group-chat, for example.


Is there a strong reason for this difference or is this something that might change in future? Some of my coworkers are not especially technical and will forget about this gotcha. They will start a call in a chat that has everyone required for the meeting, and then become frustrated when the Share->Whiteboard option is nowhere to be found.

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Thanks for sharing your feedback! We totally understand that workflow and we are working to support Whiteboard in calls that you have with a single person. It's definitely annoying when you start a quick call to collaborate with a co-worker or student and are unable to use the Whiteboard. I can share more information on the release date once we have a better understanding of when this will land. 




That's good to hear! And I would love it if you updated me with further progress on this when you have news. I currently use Teams through an EDU tenant, if that's important to how/when a change to this behavior might be rolled out.



@koyae That is great to hear! Feel free to vote on our UserVoice forum for product suggestions and get latest updates: https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/599053/suggestions/41101165. Another place to check for latest product announcement across is the Microsoft 365 Roadmap: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/roadmap?filters=Microsoft%20Teams


Hope these help.

Gordon Chang from Teams.


@GordonChang@rajiv_ramaiah I'm not completely familiar with all of the Teams terminology, here... For myself and future users who may come across this thread, does the roadmap item "Whiteboard: Whiteboard will be available in Microsoft Teams Rooms" (implemented across the board in January 2021) refer to the issue I described in my header post, or is that something unrelated?