Where is the WhoBot?


It's been a while since we've seen the WhoBot. I'd be interested in understanding what the delay was. Is the concern on the data in peoples profiles in normal customer tenants not making this feature very useful?

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WhoBot is coming soon, so stay tuned. WhoBot will help customers to identify subject matter experts in their organization.
I'm guessing WhoBot might be curious about LinkedIn too...

Any update on this, it has been a few months - T-Bot says it is still coming :)

Maybe thy've parked it until Ignite?...

@Swati Jhawar: It's been 7 months since "WhoBot is coming soon" with no updates at all. Are you able to provide ANY update at all?

Hi Steven, 


I'm looping in @Dan Stevenson to help with your ask.



Any update here? It's been over a year since we saw the WhoBot and no signs of it being released...

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It appears with the announcements today, you can now install the Who bot. I've written up a blog post on this 

Hi, could you please advise how I can get WhoBot - it doesn't seem to be available through the version of Teams I have downloaded. Is there a specific package I need to buy to access it?

Hi @MagdaD 


Does Who appear in your Teams Apps Store? See screenshot below





Best, Chris

Hey Chris, it doesn't, no. It doesn't come up in the search either. Has anybody else had this issue before? Do I need a special package to access it? Thanks

Hmmm. Is this consistent across the Desktop and Web app? Are you using the Free Version of Microsoft Teams? It could very well be that you need a paid version of Office 365 in order to have access to it.

Best, Chris

It's unavailable through either. I tired Teams on my personal machine which has the free version, and at work which I'm guessing would be a paid one and none of them can find Who in the app store. Could you please help me confirm which package I need to get to access it? 

It definitely should be in all paid versions of Teams - can you check with your administrator that Who is enabled in the Apps Settings in the Office 365 Admin Centre. Otherwise you wont see it in the Teams app store in the desktop or web versions at all.

Best, Chris