Where is the Group Calendar for Teams?

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The number one request I keep getting from users is how can I integrate or display the O365 Group calendar IN the team.  Outside of the OWA website embed (which doesnt really work), there is just no way to easily see or get to the calendar.


Need some kind of dedicated tab to do this!

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I need this feature, too!
Agree, a useful team calendar that integrates natively with Outlook is a must
Similar to this, the emails that are sent to the O365 group should be visible in the Teams app as well. Having users flip between outlook and Teams for team-based content that is stored in EXO is not ideal and people don't understand the difference (yes, I know you can get an email address for a channel, that is different)
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@Brent Ellis we'll update this UV ticket with timelines for group calendars in Teams. It's something that we're actively coding now so stay tuned for more news!

Hello. Is a beta version available for a calendar in teams?

Good afternoon,

Is there any update on this feature?  Currently using the web integration which isn't great.


@James Solomon Seconding the call for timeline on this critical component of the teams workspace

Adding another request for this important feature. Our team delivers training around the country. Our schedule is on a shared calendar in outlook and is an important tool for the team. The current web link solution to in teams is not acceptable.

No Update on the page since the 18th. Would love an update as I have multiple departmetns looking for this feature. Suphatra is no longer with microsoft so I doubt she is able to update.