When will desktop sharing be available in Teams?

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When will desktop sharing be available in Teams? That is a big reason why we signed up for Skype for Business Online Plan 2.

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I can Share my desktop now in Teams I just did it? Maybe you mean during a meeting? I did it via the 1to1 chat call.
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Hi James, this is currently available if you are in a Teams Meeting and something we are currently working on the ability to share desktop during chat. No timeline to announce at the moment.  

What about requesting/granting control of a shared desktop?

Whatever desktop sharing options you have in Skype for Business Online, I want the same (or better) in Teams.  I think you can start sharing a desktop from any type of S4BO communication (IM, Audio Call, Video Call).  You can also choose to share an app, the whole desktop, or just a powerpoint (I think).  And you can give control to the other person.  All that! :) 

Any movement on this Holste?

@Michael Holste wrote:

Hi James, this is currently available if you are in a Teams Meeting and something we are currently working on the ability to share desktop during chat. No timeline to announce at the moment.  


This is needed in Chat right away as it's holding up adoption of Teams over Skype for Bus, please expedite this feature release.

Would be nice to see an ETA for this, thanks.

We need to be able to use desktop sharing from Teams with people who are not on Teams - as we could with Skype.  Our team uses MS Team extensively, but we also provide IT support with other educational entities and need to be able to have the same capabilities as Skype had.  Is there an ETA for this or should we go back to using Skype?


It’s been available for months already.

If you are in a Team Meeting, but not in Chat like you can in Skype.

True but this thread is clearly focused on the more generic feature rather than that specific use case (which I also want.)

But as far as I am aware, you can only do this with people within your organization.  In Skype, you could send the invite to anyone and do a remote desktop sharing session - two ways - so either user could share their desktop.  Can you get to people outside your organization?  We don't need all the possible individuals to be a guest of our Team overall....

Yes, as long as guest is running desktop app. Sharing isn’t possible when using browser. Try it.

Wanted to echo those who say that desktop sharing & control within chat is critical in getting people to drop Skype for Teams (as we are actively trying to do in my organization)

Agreed.  Right now we have to fully support and use both Skype and Teams.  It's a little irritating.  But the sharing and collaboration helps overcome that irritation to a degree.

Ditto. Need this feature (screen sharing in chat context) now. Please expedite. Would also be create if we had a "Meet Now" button to initiate a meeting from chat and invite others. 

Just to make sure everyone is on the same page about what's available now


1. Screen sharing, giving control with dual cursors in a call or meeting

2. Anyone can join your meetings, no need for a license or a login, provided they install the Teams desktop app (mac or PC) they can share their screen, control other screens etc.

3. If you invite guests into your teams they can join meeting or have 1:1 calls with screen sharing


Coming soon will be


4. Escalate from a 1:1 call into a meeting with additional participants


I think the message that's being requested here is to be able to screensharing without having an audio/video part of the meeting. Its here in Uservoice ...


.. on the backlog means the product group accept this is something to add, but as yet it's not part of a schedule. I think as we get to the middle of the year and the current published roadmap is completed they will start planning, building and delivering features like this.

That's cool. Just be aware that our adoption of Teams as a messaging platform (not just a SharePoint client) will be delayed until you add it. For now we'll have to keep Skype for Business.

I lead a software development team. All day, every day, we're sharing our screen with somebody. And we do not always want to start a conference call in order to share our screen. In fact, it's impossible a lot of times because we're in one call and sharing something on a chat session.
I concur with Jason, we support our users in Skype Business now by having them click the Sharescreen icon in Chat. Can't switch to Teams without this in place day one.