What screen resolutions are supported on coming webinars?

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Currently on Teams Live Event the full HD (1080p) is not supported resolution. When that will be available on Teams Live Events?

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Thanks for the question! Let's tease a few things out here. First - the webinars feature is for Meetings only, not Live Events. Second - for a Live Event, we are capped at 720p today (we have a backlog item for 1080p, no ETA to share at the moment). For meetings, you can get up to 1080p with proper network/bandwidth requirements.

@Bryan Nyce  Thanks Bryan, are you saying that for normal meetings / calls those are 1080 (connection allowing)? In the roadmap and based on experience I assumed they were also currently 720.


Microsoft Teams: 1080p Resolution - Outgoing Video on collaboration bar

Yes, you can get up to 1080p in a meeting, connection permitting. Live Events are encoded max 720p ->

The link you posted for the roadmap is specific to the collab bars (device).