What is the thinking around document metadata

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I know a lot of people want to see SharePoint metadata exposed in the Teams files tab, but I actually are not that keen on it. I see Teams as lightweight collab and if you want to do serious document collab you have SharePoint for that (and here's hoping the forthcoming modern publishing experience is good).


I would actually like to see simple tagging like planner does with colours. ie You can tag a document with the same color tagging as planner and its linked back to a site column on the underlying lib. Now I can still do some important information lifecycle management activities like content reporting but from a user point of view, its a) consistent with planner and b) remains lightweight.


I have no doubt others would disagree so interested in the product group's current thinking on this matter...



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Hi Paul - We are always looking at better ways to integrate with Sharepoint. Allowing users to manage their documents and tasks better is definitely one of our key priorities. Could you please also post this on UserVoice?
Maybe at the very least, enterprise keywords would be helpful. But I agree. If we start adding all the SharePointiness into Teams, it makes it harder to use for the regular office worker. I know people are asking for content types too.
Just go through to the full SharePoint site for all that.