What if Microsoft Teams meeting recording is failing?

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When user is trying to start recording on the meeting, but gets only "Recording isn't on Recording could not be started. Please try again". The screen capture:

Microsoft Teams - Recording failed.png

And on the client logs I could found following line:
2020-09-30T08:38:49.314Z Err teamCall: Starting call recording failed for call:CALL-GUID with error:37


What is the error code 37, and what administrators can do to fix this, or troubleshooting more?

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Hi @Petri X,


Meeting recording is dependent (well, today anyway) on Microsoft Stream which needs to be licensed and enabled:


For a Teams user's meetings to be recorded, Microsoft Stream must be enabled for the tenant. In addition, the following prerequisites are required for both the meeting organizer and the person who is initiating the recording:

  • User has Office 365 E1, E3, E5, A1, A3, A5, Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Business Standard, or Business Basic1
  • User needs to be licensed for Microsoft Stream2
  • User has Microsoft Stream upload video permissions
  • User has consented to the company guidelines, if set up by the admin
  • User has sufficient storage in Microsoft Stream for recordings to be saved
  • User has TeamsMeetingPolicy-AllowCloudRecording setting set to true
  • User is not an anonymous, Guest, or federated user in the meeting
  • To enable transcription for a user's meeting, the Teams meeting policy they are assigned to must have the -AllowTranscription setting set to true

Have you checked these settings\config?

@Damien Margaritis 

Thank you for your reply,


Do you know that the error I defined is linked to those settings? Or was your reply just a standard reply? :) The issue is, that for the same user recording is working and then suddenly not. Error code should be quite clear for Microsoft, but not for us.

I don’t work for Microsoft, so not a standard reply. I was just pointing out what I would be checking for a user if recording is not working for them.

@Damien Margaritis 

Yes, problem is, the recording has been working before, and has been working after. That is the reason asking if Microsoft could start sharing some error codes and ways to troubleshooting them.