What are the biggest roadblocks you have encountered going from SfB Online to Teams?

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We are in the process of moving to Teams only from a SfB Online setup.  

What kind of User adoption items or issues have come up for anyone and also comments from Microsoft.  We are a smaller shop around 250 users - 1/2 in office 1/2

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Great question! The best recommendation I'd give is to focus on driving Teams adoption across your user base first, before you start proactively transitioning users. Find a few (1-3) high value use cases that Teams provides that SfBO doesn't/can't (e.g. project team collaboration using teams & channels) and then show users how they can also do everything they do in SfB today in Teams. Then you position the benefit of standardizing on one solution. Overall I've seen that the user experiences in Teams can be the strongest engine of getting users to transition. Check out the great user adoption resources here:
Any specific "gotcha's" that you have come across?

A recommendation we have got from our Microsoft contact is to keep the transition (islands mode) as short as possible.

Judith, honestly as long as you are proactively driving Teams adoption, and seeing users successfully moving to Teams, I'd worry less about how long you are in Islands mode. I've seen a few large customers manage transition in Islands mode for 6-9 months and be just fine. There's no right or wrong, the most important thing is that users have clear understanding of the end goal, which is to move all capabilities to Teams. Another reason that proactive driving Teams user adoption is so critical is just the nature of Teams - if a user starts using Teams and the people they collaborate with aren't there, they may not see all the benefits. I definitely don't advise customers to just turn on Teams and hope that users find it, that just doesn't work for most people when they are used to a certain behavior.
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@AntMur one thing that I'd pay extra attention to is ensuring users understand core collaboration capabilities in Teams (i.e. teams and channels, tabs, file sharing) - the features that aren't available in SfBO. That is the biggest stumbling block that I've witnessed, customers introducing Teams as a like for like replacement of SfB rather than highlighting net additive high value scenarios from the start. Hope that is helpful.
Sarah, I do agree with you... It has been almost a year since I rolled out Teams to our organization and in the beginning they fought it. However, as of the last couple of month I see more collaboration going on and Teams has been the tool of choice.

@AntMurWe have some polycom skype specific hardware that polycom hasn't released updated hardware for us to replace.  For instance our VVX501's are not compatible and need to be replaced.  We also have to replace firmware on our trio 8500 and 8800 conference phones.


Our other irk is more to do around working with other organizations.  Sfb, has an easier contact list view to work with.  You might get invited into another org's teams environment, but you have to switch teams (basically switching accounts and logging out of your teams environment) to communicate with those remote teams that you're invited into.