Welcome to the Skype for Business Online to Teams Upgrade Ask Microsoft Anything!

Community Manager

Welcome to the Skype for Business Online to Teams Upgrade Ask Microsoft Anything! This live hour gives you the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback directly to the team.


Please post your question in a new thread. You can view the AMA Guidelines here. 


To start introduce yourself below and tell us where you're logging in from!



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Good morning everyone! I'm John Steckroth, community manager for Microsoft Teams. Excited to help users upgrade!

Hello folks! I am a Principal PM within our Teams Customer Engineering org.

Good morning, my name is Francois Doremieux, I am a Program Manager in Teams and I'll be one of the persons responding to questions today.

Looking forward to it!

Hi, all! I'm Lisa McKee - Sr Program Manager in Teams Engineering.

Good afternoon! My name is Joost Koopmans, Digital Workplace Architect in Philips, joining from Best, the Netherlands.

Good Morning! I am a Community Manager here on the Microsoft Tech Community . I am excited to see your questions ! 

Morning, welcome all. I'm Sarah Goodwin, Program Manager in the Teams Customer Engineering team. Looking forward to answering questions today.

Good morning everyone. I am Bindu Pillai, I am a Product Marketing Manager on the Teams Product Marketing Teams.

Sorry, I hate to be that guy, but when I am so clueless right now. When you say "New Thread", do you mean create a reply here, or click the "Start a New Conversation" button above? And if it's the above, how do I tag it appropriately to be part of this AMA? Thanks!
Morning, is it Ok to post questions here? I'm trying to figure out how to do it in a new thread
Hi - I'm Andrew, Collaboration Services Architect from Ireland

The only posts in this thread should be an introduction of who you are.


To post a new question, go here (the main AMA space, one level up) and click "Start a New Conversation."

Hi there Teams Team, thank you for inviting us to your AMA! Is there a channel for the AMA in Teams client? Our IT group uses Teams on a daily basis and we were excited to chat with you in Teams. :)

@Sandy_vallee Please do not post questions in this thread, it creates a lot of extra work for us. Just click on this link and click "Start a New Conversation."

Is this text only or is there an audio component?

@jtrustees Hello! The AMA is held here in the forums, we do not have a dedicated Teams chat. However, we do have the Teams team live and ready to answer questions over this hour! Please click here and type "Start a New Conversation" with your question.

@JeffMcK61 This is text only. There is no audio component.

Where is the link to get into the session?? This should not be so difficult to find. Very frustrating. Been trying to find it now for 15 minutes.