Welcome to the Microsoft Teams Meetings & Live Events Ask Microsoft Anything

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Welcome to the Microsoft Teams Meetings & Live Events Ask Microsoft Anything (AMA)! This live hour gives you the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback directly to the team. Please introduce yourself by replying to this thread. Post your questions in a new thread within the Microsoft Teams AMA space by clicking on "Start a New Conversation" at the top of the page.

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Hello all! I'm Emily and I'm a part of the Teams product group at Microsoft. Looking forward to seeing what questions you have.

Looking forward to the discussion, thanks for moderating @JohnSteckroth 

Hello all! I'm Eric from the Tech Community team. Looking forward to a lively set of questions!
Hello from Finland! I am Vesku.

Hi, Christine here! I'm a Community Manager with the Microsoft Tech Community. Looking forward to this event!

@JohnSteckroth looking forward to listening in on this discussion.



Hello! Looking forward to seeing some good discussion!

Hello to our community. I am the Microsoft Teams Community Lead and we're excited to be here to answer your questions about Meetings & Live Events. The team has been busy working on lots of new features based on your feedback. Thank you for being here!

Hi, I'm Jon from Teams engineering.  I work on Teams for VDI.  Looking forward to the discussion today.

Hi @JohnSteckroth.  I'm looking forward to learning more about Live Events.  We have some experience with Yammer Live Events leveraging the Teams client, Teams Live Events outside of Yammer, and live events to Stream using an external program (in our case OBS). 

Hello from Shannon. Excited for the discussion!

@JohnSteckroth Hello.  Looking for some answers on Teams Windows arm64 support.

Hi there @JohnSteckroth . I am Alexandra from Canada

Hello my name is Sarah! I am a Tech Community manager for the Public Sector Community. I am looking forward to seeing your questions :)
Hello everyone! I'm very excited for this AMA and I look forward to seeing everyone's questions this morning!