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We are very excited to kick of this hour of live Q&A with the Microsoft Teams product team! 


Please submit your questions as a new thread in the Microsoft Teams AMA Group so we can easily identify and answer them. You can identify official Microsoft responders by the blue circle around their profile avatar. If this is your first AMA, review the AMA Guide. After the event, we will make a summary of the AMA and share it in the community. 


To get started, please introduce yourself below along with where you are joining us from! 


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Eric Davis from Florida. 

Hi folks. I'm one of the product management leaders for Microsoft Teams. My group is responsible for core end-user features around team and channel management, IT admin experiences, growth initiatives, and customer and community programs. Previously, I drove online meetings and client experiences in Skype for Business and led product teams in Windows and Azure. Before joining Microsoft, I founded and sold an enterprise content management startup and worked as an IT architect.
Hey everyone! My name is Mark, and I'm a Program Manager on Microsoft Teams working on a variety of tab applications integrated into channels and chats. I'm excited to answer your questions!!
Hi, I'm Suphatra. Its my job to bring the user voice to the engineering team. Looking forward to today's conversation!
William Smith, Atlanta GA

Hello, hello, live from Redmond, WA, @Mark Kashman here to listen and take questions on SharePoint and how it relates and supports #MSTeams

Greetings Folks I am Phyllis Scott, Learn on Demand Systems, Northeast Oklahoma

Todd Kirk from Utah.


I'm the Product Manager for Content Strategy at BrainStorm. My buddy @Noah Sparks and I look to better help end users understand these tools and use them more effectively. Excited to participate today. 

Hi everyone! Steve Nguyen, Yammer Product Evangelist. Happy to be here representing Yammer, but also helping folks learn about the goodness of Teams!

Hey all,


I'm Phecda the Program Manager for Microsoft Team's Onboarding experiences. This includes our product's first round expereinces, user help content, T-Bot, and ensuring new users to the product are setup for success.

I'm excited to help answer any questions about our product, and learn more about what the community thinks about Microsoft Teams.





Fun fact about myself:
My parents decided to name me after one of the stars in the Big Dipper.

Hi everyone! This is Maddie from the Community Team. Looking forward to all your questions!

Hi, Kyriacos Kyriacou from Ralliton based in Cyprus

Myles Allen from a K-12 School district in Southern California

Hello All,

Ansuman here, I am a Program Manager on Microsoft Teams and I work on security, compliance and information protection features in Teams. For GA, these are the features we launched - Archival, eDiscovery, Audit Logs, Legal Hold, Compliance Content Search, so happy to field questions regarding those and/or my general area. 

Hi everyone - Excited to be here today. I'm product marketing manager for Microsoft Teams. Look forward to hearing from folks today.

Hi everyone! My name is Sharvari and I am a Program Manager on Microsoft Teams. I work on file and documents integrations in Microsoft Teams. Super excited to be here and looking forward to interacting with you all

Paul Culmsee from Perth AUstralia

Mark Slaven with Perficient.  I am joining from the greater Chicago area.

Hey everyone - Paul Cannon from Skype Experiences lurking in case you sneak in some Skype Questions in the middle of this Teams AMA :)