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When you add a website as a tab, you can navigate through the site, but there is no "Back" button go back to a previous page. Is there any plan to add that functionality?

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Yes please. I expect that will also help when the SharePoint site tab is addeded too. We will want to browse more than the single page that is tabbed into a channel.
Hey Sarah, this is a great request. At the moment there's no plans to add this functionality to the website tab as we believe the Website Tab serves the purpose of pinning static content real well, but we think that for browsing the web is better handled by the browser. I'd be interested to understand what your scenarios are and figure out how we can serve those better though :)
I concur with the SharePoint "Page" only redering, it's like it has some kind of code to strip off quick launch etc. from the page. Hoping the new SharePoint connector will fix that because I want to show more than just that page, people like just being able to easily get to their Share Point site via a tab.

@Luis B well right now with SharePoint sites, there is no way to add an existing SharePoint site or page, so having that functionality to navigate a SharePoint site is needed!

Luis, it's pretty common to see back/forward buttons when the website is embedded as a "web view" inside the other app (example, websites inside the Twitter app). This is an expected UI component these days.

Actually, you can, it's just not as intuitive as you would expect.  If you select "SharePoint" when adding a new tab, you only get the option to show a Document Library (I expected to see options for pages here too).


Instead, just choose "Website" when adding a new tab, then simply use your SharePoint page URL.  Works like a charm.  Although, yes, a back button would be nice.

Hi Luis:  In consideration of the viable scenario's, I've run into this need when doing things like adding a tab for a custom SharePoint lists or Calendar from the Teams-created SharePoint site.  Especially for folks not ready to jump on the Planner wagon, having a SharePoint Task list in a tab makes perfect sense, and reduces need to navigate to the SharePoint site, keeping folks in Teams.

Yes this needs to be offered.  I want my team to stay in teams as much as possible.  If you insert the web-page as a browser then they have no need to swap to a different program.  Getting everyone on board is hard enough.  Want to cut down on the amount of programs open.  That's why we use teams.  We don't have to have Skype for Business, Planner, OneNote, on one program to stay focused and help eliminate switching between programs all the time.

If your SharePoint site has quicklinks, which ours does, having the ability to go back would be very useful in this case. Also, the point of adding all the sites (SharePoint and others) to teams is to get everyone working in one central location. If they need to open a new browser window every time they want to navigate a website, it sort of defeats that purpose. I hope Microsoft will reconsider this.

@Luis Carrasco just a different example... I'm looking into adding a Org Wide Team for my company and our EmployeeHandbook is all digital in a communication page in SharePoint. Would love to be able to add it as a tab to an OrgWide Team. Communication pages (or any pages not related to a team) are not available as a SharePoint tab and using the website tab it cuts off the navigation/header/search bar area which are really important especially since there's no SharePoint Search Bar webpart.

@Rebecca Bowen This is a timely ask. I've forwarded this to the SharePoint team that owns the SharePoint app for Teams. A few of the items that I know they hope to fix in the next few months are 1) back button support 2) ability to pin a SharePoint page from a different team-site than the current team and 3) personal app support (although the last one might be a stretch goal). I know folks are investigating what it would take to pin communication pages, but I can't speak to any timelines at this point. The SP team really hopes to make the app better than pinning a Website tab.

@LokiMeyburgthank you for the update! I figured it was a work in progress because Teams is relatively new.. I can't remember his name but he asked for a use case (more or less) and sometimes multiple perspectives helps me so I figured I'd add an example

Navigation buttons on Tabs within Teams is urgently needed. Did this request get any traction?

Some updates:

  • Back navigation should be working in SPO tabs (or should in a few weeks if it's not yet enabled in your tenant).
  • We've added an API for tab applications to hook into our back button event. Proper documentation coming very soon. This is what SPO sites are using.
  • We've added documentation on how you can create your own standalone SPO site as an app in Teams (someone asked about this in the thread):
  • Back button support works in the website tab, but only in the browser. We are still figuring out how to bring this functionality to the desktop.

We should provide frontline workers on mobile an easy way access to information in sharepoint. For example news or other pages.

We can add the sharepoint page as an app as described in here:

But specially on mobile phone it is simple useless without a back button. There is no way for example to navigate form news webpart to a news page and back.





@Sara Krajewski 

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