Voice maturity in Teams to make it viable.

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There are some features missing from Voice functionality that are somewhat important to make it a viable alternative and allow us to switch to Teams as our phone system and to recommend to our end users (we are Microsoft CSP)


  • Pull call - or the ability to change from desktop to mobile/vice-versa
  • Transfer calls to PSTN - the ability to transfer to an off-net (non-PhoneSystem) number
  • iOS CallKit Integration including CarPlay
  • Dialpad in mobile by default instead of having tap 4 things to start to dial a number
    Dial from command bar in desktop client
  • Dialpad focus - when on the Calls tab, the text box for the phone number should have focus by default
  • Improvements with Click To Dial - some protocols work, others don't - ability to specify and take over: tel: dial: callto: ucdial: sip: skype: and (wishful thinking) tapi interception - with number formatting auto-correction would be a dream


Also, the lack of a currently visible roadmap is very concerning. 

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Hey Jim! Thanks for the great feedback. Some of these are on plan, whereas others are best addressed by upvoting on UserVoice. I'll follow up with you to collate some of the user voice links for your asks after the AMA . Thanks a mil!