Visual Studio Team Services Integration

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I'm having trouble getting this connector to work at all.  My account is an admin on team services, but the connector keeps returning "We couldn't find an account that had the required permissions for the project".


Also, hitting the "sign in" button just seems to automatically use the credentials currently logged in to MS Teams, and doesn't actually prompt if I wanted to use a different set of credentials.


Does anyone have this working?

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Currently the Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) connector requires *project admin* privileges. We are working with the VSTS team to change it to allow it to be used by users with *team admin* privileges. This is a very high priority for both teams - it's actually a problem for Microsoft teams internally too. In the meantime, if it's possible for you to be granted project admin privileges, it should work for you now.
Thanks Bill!

Hmmmm...  additional problem after adding as a Project Admin.  


My User for VSTS and my user for MS Teams are different.  With the connector just automatically using my Teams sign-in it does not ever get far enough to allow me to pick an account, or project, or any of the additional configuration options.

We get the same behavior as described in this thread even with users with *project admin*. Can't figure out how to get this working. Any other suggestions?

I'm having the same problem. The connector automatically takes MS Teams credentials (Office 365) instead of VSTS credentials (Live ID).


Maybe the problem is related to different accounts. Does anyone know if that can help?

Will we be able to add the board for an Iteration to Teams in the future? I only seem to be able to add boards for all Epics, Features or Stories.

I'm having a slightly different issue.  When I log into the VSTS connected in Team Services I get an error "Failed to find an account".  I am using the same email address/password which I use to log into Team Services - which is linked to by Office365 account.


Any thoughts?