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With the current focus on WFH. We are looking at more seamless ways for people to connect and stay in touch with each other. One of those would be a virtual "water cooler" or always-on virtual break room. We are looking at bots that can keep a meeting room open and going. Are there devices that can help with this?

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@Jlee_Prosci Meetings don't really die, they same meeting link will work until 60 days after the last person left so there shouldn't really be a need to keep a meeting 'open'. Specifically to your question it's not yet possible for a bot to join a meeting, although that is on the road map I believe.


What we found best in my employer is regular meeting as a 'coffee break', a chance for people to turn up at 11am and have a chat like we would at a water cooler. Leaving it less organised for people to drop in at one time just meant people missed each other, and few people wanted to be the only one in the room hoping for someone to join to speak to.

@Steven Collier 


I actually like this idea of a break room without a time schedule. I do not like to add more team meetings and one of the basics of this water cooler chat is to meet with people from outside the team or group.


I'd like to have rooms where I can see who is inside like a status display and join if I like to take part or enter an empty room myself showing that others may join.


During that time I like to stay available and not be red marked as busy. 

@Jlee_Prosci It's not exactly what you're looking for, but our app CoffeePals aims to recreate the water cooler experience online.


We have features like:

  • random matching of people for virtual coffee breaks / informal catch ups
  • cross-group matching (you can define your own groups, e.g. product-meet-marketing, mentors-meet-mentees, new employees-existing employees)
  • Coffee Maker - posting though-provoking and meaningful discussion topics on channels

And we're continuously adding more! 

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Do reach out with any questions or ideas to :smile: