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With Guest Access only working fully with people working in O365 and licensed, it means that Guests who are Azure only or in the future MSA accounts are unable to download the Teams desktop or mobile apps to take part in video calling.


Is this due to be addressed so video calling in the browser (i.e. IE11, Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox) is possible without downloadihg the desktop app.


ow would this work for IOS and Android for guest users who join a team but don't have an O365 subscription?

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Hi Devinder. We have plans on the roadmap to add video calling support on browsers. When we add Guest with MSA support, they should be able to leverage this functionality as well.



do you get any dateline to publish this functionality ?



Like  said, is there a timeline for this? According to the roadmap (which I had to dig for: Feature ID: 24225 - "This is a new meeting capabilities coming to Teams. Support to join meetings and view screen sharing without a plug-in."), this has already been launched, but we're not seeing it. The roadmap even has a date of Q4 2017 and that entry was even updated yesterday (4/10/2018), so I have to assume it's up to date, but it clearly isn't. Is there something tenants need to do to enable this?


Or, as seems more likely, is this not accurate and it hasn't actually been released yet?


This functionality would be a gamechanger for our organization. I've got users buying services with all sorts of separate services which already support this (AnyMeeting, Zoom, etc) specifically because it's not available in Teams (or Skype). Again, I would love to learn that I'm missing something obvious, but right now there's no in-browser video option.


Roadmap link (I used the keyword 'browser' to find it):

Hey Bill, has anyone replied to you on this one yet?

Nothing yet, Leandro, but I did dig this up after a lot of searching:

Says Edge it works for certain version, but nothing else. No timelines either.

Hey Krishnan,


Hoping for some statement from the team for support moving forward. Is video calling being worked on for Chrome? Is the roadmap information going to be published? How about other browsers? 


Even if it's just a flat out "No" for those it would be good to get an update. 


I checked here but it has "Support for Calling is coming soon", yet it's no where to be seen.