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Is there a specific process to make a PC to PC audio call in Teams? Just using the Call button doesn't seem to provide that option.

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Hey James! I'd love to understand the exact flow you'd like to enable. The Call button in the Chat lets you call the other person if they're on Teams, and users who have Enterprise Voice licenses can also dial assigned phone numbers or make calls to all mobile/ external phone numbers. Is there something else you have in mind?

Yes, absolutely, when I have my Microsoft Teams open on my phone or laptop and my colleague also has Microsoft Teams open on their phone or laptop, I want the Call or Video to default go through the app. What we find it the connection tries to go through a call to the default mobile phone number.

Is that just due to a configuration "we" tweaked on our end? 

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I'm very interested in this question, as @Deleted's experience is exactly the opposite of what I see in my environment.  If I click the 'Call' button on a contact card in Teams, it rings to their Teams or skype for business client (on phone or PC).  That's just what I don't want.  


Ideally, I'd like a drop down offering to call any of the contact's phone numbers or to call them on skype/teams, but if it would default to calling their phone number that would be better than the behavior I see currently. 

@Deleted- How are your "Call Answering Rules" configured in Teams settings?


Here's what I've got: 


Too funny! I don't even see that configuration UX in the Teams admin center  or the Services and AddIns 

It doesn't appear in the application either.  

Maybe a different build/version? 

@Deleted - I must admit I'm stumped. For what you've described the experience should be that the call just goes from PC to PC, not redirected to mobile phone numbers. Have you checked on the configuration with your administrator, or logged an existing support ticket we can take a look at?

@Steve Whitcher -- If a user you're trying to call has a mobile phone number added to AAD, we do now have a dropdown menu that you can choose from for Skype/ Teams calls vs calls to the mobile phone. This dropdown is only visible when you click the Call button in the Chat window (top right) - but we have plans to both improve the UX to make this prominent and expand this functionality to other places. To see the dropdown you must of course be licensed for Enterprise Voice capability with a Calling Plan either from O365 or via Direct Routing.

We'll dig through this some more. I've the blessing/curse of being on the small team that administers our tenant (Office 365 E3/EMS E3 (w/ step-up Office 365 E5s and w/ Add-On Audio Conferencing) also w/ Azure AD Premium and Azure AD connect w/ on-premise AD-FS & MFA Server - SSO integration ... there are a lot of points to administer. It is good to know the expected default behavior though. 

That screenshot was from the teams client, not the admin portal.  Click on the user picture at the top right, then Settings, then Calls. 

Thank you!  I hadn't discovered that option yet, so that's really great news.


Now, if you can just get that same drop down added when I click the call button on a contact card in teams (and the 'call contact' button on the calls tab), that would be wonderful!


Also, you mentioned mobile phone number specifically... is there a reason that it wouldn't also offer other phone numbers, such as home or office?

Is there a way to always make Teams calls go to the iPhone app and not the desktop app. Most of the time people don’t want to answer calls on the desktop app even if they are actively chatting in the desktop app.
Hi Michael,
That isnt supported -- but if the user is licensed for Enterprise Voice they can forward their calls to their own mobile phone number which would achieve a similar outcome (but wouldn't support video or screen share in that case)

@Krishnan Raghupathi 

If I email out a Teams meeting, everyone on my team can use the full version of Microsoft Teams on their iPhone to join the meeting.

However, if I am on my iPhone in the Microsoft Teams app, I cannot choose to connect to a colleague in the app on their iPhone? 

What's the snag that prevents us from going App to App?


Hey James, assume that your App to App user are both in the same tenant? If so you should be able to just click chat tab, add a new chat or use existing, and in the top right corner is the call/video icons to connect to that user. Do you not have these available?

We do have those icons available. We will retest these scenarios. 

@Deleted - were you able to test this out on IPhone? It shoudl work as Chris described.

@Krishnan Raghupathi - We'll be testing it soon. We ran right into a pilot deployment of InTune device management. We seem to be settling down in that regard and we'll be starting our Teams App tests again. Thank you for checking.