Using the "conversations" tab in teams - chat only or microblogging?

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Hi All,

I'm wondering should "conversations" only be used for short chat based communications OR  can it be used for microblogging ala Yammer or Facebook.
For instance, I'm sharing research/articles that I've uncovered in relation to O365 and the digital workplace in the conversations tab in specific channels. I know it takes time to read them and even more time to respond (and it takes me time to write them).
I'd like if people would press "like" button as a way to acknowledge that they've seen the article at least. If the person doesn't agree with the content or in the case that the REALLY liked the content they can use the text box to reply.
On the other hand , I don't think it is helpful to fill a channel with articles etc. if it makes it difficult for people to find more relevant chat based comms..
Other options are to add a OneNote notebook to the channel and create articles there or add them to the SharePoint team site (every Team that is associated to an O365 Group gets a team site). 
Interested to get feedback on this ..
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Our recommendation for this is normally to separate a topic like this into its old channel and/or post it along with social feed information.  It is great to use a conversation channel for this as long as you think about it in your channel design

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Another option I include is to use News pages in the underlying SharePoint site which I can format any way I want and also syndicate to other teams/channels. That is part of our Modern Project Management scenarios and class.

thanks for the response. I'd already have the Team so that people on a project team can collaborate. I have a channel called "User Adoption" for example. Within there I am posting articles , mostly links e.g. to episode 10 of the Intrazone , and then adding my own content. So the article could be as long as the original question I asked here.. but sometimes longer.

I too think that the "User Adoption" channel is a good location for posting articles , however it can appear a bit noisy when conversation after conversation is an article/post I've created with no responses.

I too like the idea of creating a new channel for the article.. I hadn't thought of that approach.

Is the creation of a new channel for each article going to lead to too many channels in the team?

Will people's attention be more likely drawn to the article due to a new channel having been created? I'm not so sure..

I think it would be good if you could use the news service to display articles related to that channel in another tab in the Team.

I guess that could be a more "elegant" approach.... whether that is likely to ensure people's attention is drawn to the articles is a different story..

in most cases the "articles" are discretionary.

just like , in some case the "conversations" are discretionary (i.e. I don't expect everyone in the Team to respond to the conversation)

@In the case where I need people to respond to it , I can '@' mention them or the channel.