Using Teams on a Smart TV

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Hi there, I am posting on behalf of all eldrely people isolated in this Corona situation. Is it possible to break isolation by using Teams on a Smart TV ith an app (android). A computer or iPad in all respect, but may be to complicated for most elderly, but a remote control for  a TV is managed by allmost every one. So help and contribute for breaking isolated 70+ and give them an opportunity to chat with Loved ones. TV has the PIP function.

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Hi there @ComputerArtist - today from Teams Mobile, there's no way to do this natively from the client. However, there are ways in the OS itself to be able to do this to any smart-tv.. Here's a document from Google on how to achieve this, hope it helps!



Smart tv please downlord the teams
Some smart TV manufacturers have Smart TV Camera also in their product lines. Eg.; LG TV camera LG AN VC 500 is compatible with Skype ...likewise isn't it possible to use the any available web camera with HDMI Cable which is having MS Teams or Skype in built. And then that TV Camera or Web Cam can be connected to Smart TV like LG OLED55C7T ??
Isn't such a solution possible ??