Using Booking capability with webinars


Will you be offering a feature like Microsoft Booking to be able to create a calendar of up coming webinars

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This is a great idea. I would totally use this too
HI Nikki - Great idea. There's a couple of best practices today. You can create an M365 Group that will hold all events and have people subscribe to that calendar internally within their Outlook client. It would likely be possible to use the Graph API to pull that information with Power Automate and publish to an external experience but there is no M365 feature for a public calendar today.
As Microsoft partner we run lots of Teams training sessions for our clients. We use MS Bookings to manage this and currently have the option to have a face to face event or Teams. It would be good to extend to Webinars as well. Event our internal L&D want to use this for webinars internally. This is if difficult when you have 40,000 employees and need to run multiple sessions across multiple time zones
Hi the shared calendar does not provide the ability to download the booking act for all events in the calendar. The Teams webinar will allow you to get registration but just for a singular webinar. If I am running 20 webinars across a couple of weeks I want to see registrations for webinars
Agree, we have the same need. We want to have a listing page for all upcoming webinars. We're using Webex for this now, but would love to be able to switch to Teams.