Using Analog Devices with Teams and SFB Online

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Hello, we are migrating from SFB on prem in a hybrid configuration. We have over 65 analog devices in our in environment. How can we continue to use these analog devices with Teams online?

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Have you taken a look at Teams Direct Routing?


For example, you could hook up Teams to an on prem SBC, and use some sort of analog gateway between the SBC and your analog endpoints.

We use a door phone that is a SIP device that ties into a Viking controller to buzz the front door open - currently we do this on our Broadsoft SIP - how could we get this functionality in Teams Phone System?
So rather than that SIP device registering to your current on-prem PBX, you would have it connected to an analog gateway that is connected to an on-prem SBC, which is configured with Teams Direct Routing. At least, that's the only way I can see that you could do that.

So, yes, we have just started looking into Direct Routing, we do currently have an AudioCodes 1000 SBC and MP-114 analog gateways that we are using. However, I have not been able to really find good documentation on how to configure what you have suggested. Is there any documentation on how to do this?

There are a few good guides on setting up Direct Routing with Audiocodes specifically, but not the entire scenario described. You would need to configure some routing on the SBC for your analog endpoints to send to the MP, which there should be some good info in the Audiocodes documentation. So you would need to look in a few different places I think for the whole idea.