Upload the same document between different Teams/Channels


Is is possible to upload or copy a file from one Team to another Team?  Similar to posting to  multiple channels?  NOTE:  The Teams have different permissions and some channels are 'private'



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@Jennifer Shannon 


There's no option in UI to upload a file to multiple locations. Although there is an option to move/copy already uploaded files between Teams (That you are a member of)

@adam deltinger 


My gut reaction is this feels like an application/bot opportunity - though I'm not sure how I'd write one, and it's be pretty permissions dependent (so potential point for brittleness)

@Eric Sinclair 


Depending on use case there's probably a few option. If you yourself need this alot, you can just sync the different libraries and drag and drop the file in multiple libraries Quick and easy

@adam deltinger 

I would use this VERY frequently. I teach five sections of the same course, and each is assigned a separate Team. So I'm searching for how to upload a document to all of the five teams at once, rather than upload the same document five times over. I'm new to using Teams, so I'm not sure how to sync the libraries you mention for the drag and