Upgrade From SFB Online To Teams Experience: Rolling or 'Big Bang'?


We're piloting our Teams upgrade and are seeing IM/Presence issues already between the platforms.

I was wondering if there are any upgrade experiences and best practices about approaching the upgrade?


Of course every company is different, but I'm only asking about pros/cons of rolling upgrades (i.e. by business unit) vs the Big Bang cutovers.

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I think some of this has to do with the settings in the compatibility modes in your Skype for Business/Teams admin center.
If you plan on doing it in chunks, start right now by setting your org to Skype Only, otherwise Islands without being prepared for it will cause headaches with people missing IM's etc. and getting confused.

Obviously you need to make sure your Teams users are set manually to Teams Only mode. You might need to go through your usage logs and see who has been using chats / Team chats / calls etc. in Teams and maybe keep them in Islands mode.

The admin center doesn't let you so do it via Powershell have a blog here explaining how to set it via PowerShell. https://webbtech365.blogspot.com/2018/08/cannot-set-users-or-tenant-to-teams.html

I had other problems with the org in 'Islands' and after posting a thread in This Techcommunity I switched things over to Skype4Bus only at the org level.  @Chris Webb you were actually a big help there!  Pilot users are changed,


New issue is that those non-upgraded users who are still using Teams aren't seeing presence/IM, but we're just telling them to use Skype Only for that.

What are the non-upgraded users set to? There was an issue with presence because the upgrade mode or some policy had to be explicitly set. I'll need to see if I can find the article on it here in a few.
Oh wait I see what you mean. Yeah, the issue is when Skype Only is set it's "Supposed" to keep the Teams client from working at all. But that isn't in yet. Supposed to work similar to Teams only in reverse where it says you are configured to use Skype. I think once they get the new modes in where you can do Skype + Teams etc. we will see that light up.
But in addition to that, you can set policies for those Skype Only users to turn chat off so they can't try to use it as well. But if it's not a big deal as it is now I wouldn't worry, but I don't know how many people you have tryin to use Teams and Skype.

Well, perhaps I mistakenly relied on the Admin GUI to be accurate when I did the switchover to SkypeOnly...  I'll run a PS query to confirm settings.  Thx.


I'm hoping those 'TeamsMessagingPolicy' settings may help my Skype users who are messing with Teams.  IDK how many that currently is, but perhaps I'll just apply it to a few who have reported the issue and see if it fixes it.  I've seen posts from some that urge caution with that because they don't seem to be 'officially' released and ready for prime time.