Update features structure in Microsoft Teams

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What the structure to update features or functionality in Microsoft Teams and how we could control whole tenant will get same features?

Example with blur background feature, we found some users in same tenant do not get this feature in the same time.
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Some users might be on the preferred channel!
Also with features, as I know with the blur function, the users might need to completely log out / in with their teams client

@adam deltinger Thanks for your replied.

Does this mean user must be completely logout not just shutdown and turn on laptop? Also logout from Teams mobile client?

I don’t think the mobile client will affect the desktop experience

AFAIK just shutting down the computer initiate a true sign out..not entirely sure about this though
Clients trickle updates out over time and not at the exact same time. So using the "Check for Updates" to force current updates can be done by clients, but usually these updates to require a quit and reload, or reboot before the will completely spin up. As adam said as well they require certain level on onboard hardware to enable background blur.

As for sign out vs. restart. Sign out has some kind of extra cache clearing as I have seen it fix issues that regular reboots would not.
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Also, Microsoft has said they are working on a way for us to manage deployments of Teams better so we should be able to wait for a release then make sure it gets pushed out when we want etc. or maybe some kind of release branch. I know they are working on it, no ETA published yet.