Truncated card messages in iOS app


We publish actionable message cards in our team channel, but if the message is too long, it is truncated in the iOS app. Is this a bug? It's not good if you can't read the whole message on mobile if we f.e. publish news this way.


Do you know about this?

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Thank you for the feedback! It is a bug and we are fixing it.
@Khadija Qader any update ? has this been fixed , we are still facing the same issue also

Hi Ibrahim, we had rolled out a fix for this issue a few weeks ago. Could you email us at with some screenshots and we can look into the issue. Thanks!

Hello ,
I did report the issue as you requested, so far no reply at all.
This driving many people nuts to be honest, a bug like this should not lag this much, most of our employees have iphones !
Hello Khadija,

This is my second followup, we did not receive any update regarding this issue although I have sent detailed description and screenshots to the ios team as requested.

Also VSTS cards & other cards that we subscribed too are not showing well on all mobile devices including android. This is making things really difficult, we rely on these notifications.

Also I opened a new ticket regarding phone and desktop sync. Conversations are broken, some on mobile some on desktop, threads are not syncing well.
We're also having this issue on Android Teams App. Actionable message card sent from Flow to Webhook connector in Teams channel is truncating the text on first "section" of actionable message. Second "issue" which might be a "feature" is that each section is presented as a tile, which you swipe to see.
Is the rollout selective? It's over 3 months later, and we're having this issue.

Any news on this? Still an issue for Android? Any timelines?