Troubleshooting Teams calls

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Hi there,


How do you expect that Teams administrators should/could be able to troubleshoot Teams calls? Currently we do not see any logs, or we are unable to see any candidate lists, or anything which would be helpful for investigate why certain calls are not working.

Last time I was wishing to see SIP messages sent from Teams to our SBC, but I could only see what SBC is showing to me.


Or have you planned Teams really so, that nobody outside Microsoft cannot do any troubleshooting steps?


CQD and Call Details are not helping, the local client logs are pretty much useless.


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Thanks for this feedback. I'm sorry that the CQD and Call Details are not helping. If you can provide more details as to the call problems you're seeing, it might help us provide some better input. In the meantime, I'm going to redirect this question to the PM owner in our services team who may be able to help a bit more on the SIP level. I should note that the PM I'm talking about is in another timezone, so it may take a bit of time for a response.


Thanks Scott, but it is not SIP level only. Currently if two users are calling to each other and if the call is failing, what are your expectations to us? Do you really believe we should be able to see e.g. on the UDP level which ports two clients are negotiated to be used? I believe that information is hidden into here: