Tie Skype and Teams together?

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Is there a way to tie Skype and Teams together. Wilmington DE weighing in here.

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Can you clarify what you mean by "tie" together? We do have interop capabilities today between Teams and Skype for Business.
You can learn more about options for interop between Teams and Skype for Business leveraging this page in our online guidance: https://docs.microsoft.com/MicrosoftTeams/teams-and-skypeforbusiness-coexistence-and-interoperabilit.... You can also join one of our public workshops at https://aka.ms/SkypeToTeamsPlanning. We discuss options in the "Identify you Upgrade Approach" session.
SFB shows users offline when they are in Teams messages do not carry over to teams from SFB
Beginning to think this is a implementation issue on our end.
The default experience is known as Islands, where Teams and SFB communications stay within their own area (Teams-Teams, SFB-SFB). Highly recommend checking out the links above from Lisa, and the instructor led workshops.