The Teams name is unfortunate

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I recently attended an EBC in Redmond.  One of the presenters demonstrated Teams (recently implemented by my team in my organization). I had to chuckle when the presenter described Teams as chat-based collaboration hub.  It underscored my beef with the name "Teams".  Try explaining to an end user, in documentation or verbally, that Microsoft Teams allows their team to setup a Team to enable collaboration among cross-functional teams.  Ironically, Staff Hub is being folded into Microsoft Teams.  In my opinion, Teams should not be a product name.  Hub was a great name.

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I get that it could be confusing! I do not however believe Microsoft will change the name of their fastest growing product ever :)
When trying to explain how the app works and how to get adoption, the name is really frustrating. I know they won't change it, but I really wish there had been some more focus groups around this.

I agree with this, but it's very poor timing to change the name given the huge growth right now.  They'll probably re-brand it every 3 years like they did with Office Communicator or SharePoint Workspace.

I, for one, will never relinquish my "Skype Teams" Octocorn stickers.

Why not call Teams for Teams Hub holding Team places?