That’s a wrap!

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Thank you for joining us and voicing your questions and feedback in the Microsoft Teams Devices Ask Microsoft Anything (AMA)! We will attach a summary of the AMA shortly. See you next time!

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Thanks everyone for attending! We will continue to get to the questions we weren't able to answer over the past hour. Keep checking back to this space - and thank you for being part of our community here!
Please post any new questions to the regular Teams conversations. Thank you!
The AMA closed early at 12:59 and I wasn't able to get my last question in... :(
Thanks team - great to see the updates, information, and interest (and community interaction, of course!)
Sorry about that. Try again next time.
Just start a thread in the Teams channel.
I can't seem to make a new topic. I've been searching all day. Why isn't there a way to disable or an option to disable auto login on Teams? We use Teams on a number of public computers. If it's impossible for the previous user to log out and clear credentials that makes it impossible to use Teams.
Hi John Need Support to understand how to unprotect the excel sheet if I forgot the password