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Thank you for joining us and voicing your questions and feedback in this Microsoft Teams Meetings & Live Events Ask Microsoft Anything (AMA)! We've attached a summary of the AMA. See you next time! 

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Thank you team, it was great again!! Hopefully you get to answer also those questions that slipped your radar during this hour!
Thanks for today’s AMA. Stay safe everyone.
Thank you all for being here. We are still here answering & we'll be continuing to answer them throughout the day if we don't have it immediately. Thank you!
Thank you all! Great questions.
Great questions everyone! Thanks for keeping us honest :)
Thank you very much to everyone! Great questions and responses/conversations.


Thank you for offering this. This was second AMA for me and learnt something new. Questions should not be put in very early phase. Here you can see how many replies each question has got. 1 was the 1st question and 127 was the last question.

Teams - AMA.PNG

Next time I need to remember to wait until the team warm up :cryingwithlaughter:


@Petri X - We are working on answering 100% of the questions today before the weekend - We have just a few more to go - thank you for your patience.  It's important to us that we get through all of them. Hopefully your graphic looks a little different now. 

The Tech Community is a little bit difficult to track all unanswered questions in the midst of questions coming in so we answer them as we go and sometimes some of them need more information and/or someone to help answer so it can take us more time to get to those.  Hopefully you are getting all of the answers you were looking for.  We appreciate you being there & part of the AMA!

No worries @Laurie Pottmeyer

It just look funny when I noticed that mostly the last part were asked got replies :D And I actually though that you are going to answering only one hour for questions and then "Adiós!". But this is a great opportunity for us, so big thanks for this!

hi I want to know how tp track the preson that is muting me and everyone else
may some one text back ASAP


As far as I know, you are not able to see who has muted you in Teams.

@Petri X  - You are correct.  No way to tell who has muted you at this time.

@Jazzy320  - Since this AMA has wrapped, we are not monitoring it for new questions.  Best to ask your questions in the regular Teams space here: - directly here:  That way, people won't miss your question.  Thanks for reaching out!



My apologies if this has been asked already but is there a way in Meeting Options to set "Who can bypass the lobby" default to EVERYONE?  



@TasJac  in the Teams admin, under Meetings, Policies, you can set that value to Everyone.  




Thanks for AMA STAY HOME STAY SAFE@JohnSteckroth