Teams vs Skype Instant Messaging

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Hello AMA Team,


We are working with a client who is concerned with moving their org into Teams because they believe Teams has too many features that will confuse/slow down their front line staff. Skype is an easy to use chat tool that allows quick questions to be answered over instant messages and takes up minimal screen real estate. Teams has many more features than just being a chat tool and the UI of Teams takes up much more real estate than Skype did.


How would you configure/recommend Teams to be approachable for them?



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Hello @Matthew Owen, generally speaking our customers/users seem to be doing well in adopting Teams when using best practices around user training and accompaniment.

That said, if your customer is concerned, there are different approaches possible here, both at the technical/configuration and user accompaniment levels.

From a technical point of view, you may want to review the built in "coexistence modes" that provide streamlined, more deterministic approaches to progressively deploying Teams. Specifically, you could look at a path that starts with SfB With Teams Collaboration mode only, and expand from there.

Mostly we suggest you review our best practices w/r to user communication, training and adoption. One of my colleagues may be able to point you to these.


Thank you

@Matthew Owen there's ample guidance on managing the user and organizational side of this change. Recommend that you start here: as it speaks to the "Why" behind the change but also check out the left hand navigation for more details under "Prepare your organization for Teams". Hope this helps!

Matthew there's a great, free live end user focused training specifically for users switching from Skype to Teams, feel free to share within your organization: and click on Switch from Skype for Business to Teams