Teams Usage Metrics


Hi All! At Ignite it was announced that Teams usage metrics were being released Mid-October in Admin Center. Do you have an updated release time? Daily, I log into admin center hoping that the options will be there under reports!

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@Karuana Gatimu do you know of an update on this?

It should be out in the next month or so. Please watch the release notes! Thank you for checking in

Any update on Teams Reports 

Are these reports limited to just the chat messages and channel messages?

Sorry to hijack this and hopefully this is related with regards to Metrics for MS-Teams. Is there any reporting on who's visited my MS-Teams site and what content is viewed most?


Any pointers to if this is available and where I can find this is most appreciated!



Joe, this is something that I would also like to see but at this time, there is nothing like this for Teams. The only metrics they have is part of admin center usage reports.