Teams telephony console

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We are deploying teams telephony through all the company here - managing the call attendant and calling queues is not so user friendly - will there be a software or console manager available to configure and maintain this part of Teams

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YES!  We have been building it out over the last couple months and it's currently in our early adopter testing (for Auto Attendant) and very shortly coming to early adopter testing (for Call Queues).  It's integrated into the Teams admin center and significantly improved.


Here's a sneak peek....with the usual caveat that the whole point of us doing early adopter testing is for us to find stuff to improve so what you see here may change by the time it lands on your tenant.







Great add request. I asked for this too during the AMA as its been a big blocker to voice adoption.

Hi @Kezber-Martin , what's the experience with Teams telephony system? We are considering move from cisco to it, any issues? difficulties? price concerns? devices compatibility? etc?

@José Pablo Vargas We are using Yealink T58 phones which can be loaded with either Skype or Teams firmware and have no issues there. The biggest issues we have with Teams is no BTOE connectivity, which is not a show stopper, and the CNAM CallerID does not work right, which is a show stopper. However, I have been told that there are big announcements coming soon.