Teams Phone System / Media Establishment Delay


Incoming calls via a Call Queue or Auto Attendant to a user's phone (especially SIP phones, e.g. Polycom VVX series) have a very long media establishement delay -- sometimes more than 5 seconds.


During this time, incoming callers hear silence -- as do the receiving users.



This is well documented in this forum (e.g. here and many other threads) -- but also seems to have some workarounds (e.g. setting a ring group like this) -- implying Teams should be able to fix the issue.


Is this issue on the Teams phone system radar, and is there a fix planned?

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We have some things on our backlog (like Music on Hold) that might help here. We don't have dates for those yet. I will take this as additional feedback and review with our team. :) 

@Rish Mukherji 


We have the same delay issues with direct routing calls when placing calls on hold and resuming them. 2-3 seconds delay to put a call on hold and 5-6 seconds minimum to resume a call that is on hold. The delay issue exists across 3 separate deployments and has been an issue for at least 9 months as I can see another forum user reporting it in April last year


Is anyone actually looking at this? This is not something our customers are happy to live with from an "Enterprise" solution.