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I'm using Teams, Onenote and whiteboard for education. One big thing my students are missing is a pen or cursor attention. Something like we have in Powerpoint when we are presenting. The students don't see where I'm working only when I'm writing. Or is there already suchs a possibility? 

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Thank you for your message - Because you'd share your PPT in the meeting via desktop, attendees will see your cursor as you would, normally.  You are not uploading your PPT into the meeting.  Is there something else you might be referencing?  If so, please let us know & we'll follow up.  Remember if this is a new ask to please submit into the UserVoice, here: - thank you for coming to the AMA!

There is indeed somthing else, I want referencing.


I use OneNote/Teams with my students during my lessons by writing on the screen of my laptop in OneNote/Teams. I use the screen as a board.

Everything I write on my screen is projected on the wall or the student can follow everything on his/here laptop (at home or somewhere else).

The problem now is that the students don’t see where my pen or cursor is, unless I’m writing.

I’d be very helpful for my students and myself if there would be something (pen attention) that indicates every moment where the cursor an/or the pen is on the screen.

Hopefully, this explains you beter the problem we experience.


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If you are sharing your desktop there is a free app by name of "Epic Pen" I sometime use which can draw on screen and then you can simply delete it you may try it.