Teams online status seems erratic

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The automated change of one's online status in Teams seems erratic. Apparently it is partly updated based on calendar entries, not sure about the other triggers. But all of our users complain about the lack of configuration for online status indication, oftentimes needing to manually override ... only to find out that the automatic change was made shortly afterwards again. It feels like fighting strict algorithms.

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Also we can not change it manually immediately. There is lag between status sync.
Are you in Teams Only mode? It works much better once you do switch, when you aren't it tends to use the Skype presence which introduces delay.
Yeah this is something that you just need to educate your users on how it works with Exchange Online calendars, it can be problematic sometimes, but it works on a timer and agree would be nice to be able to lock presence for x minutes. That I think alone could possible meet halfway on this issue without locking out the current functionality but giving an alternative choice. Uservoice idea?