Teams Multitasking - Losing my spot


In teams, I love the "one pane of glass" approach. However, when toggling to answer a Chat message, we completely lose our place in the open file, example: OneNote we are sharing with folks in a team meeting.


Is there a more thoughtful approach to multitasking coming? If so, when and how?

Some folks virtualize Android on the PC to run Teams for chat only in a separate window. There should be a better way! :)

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Yes, The browser integration needs to have some kind of caching mechanism and a back button. Right now it's just unusable most of the time other than reading something quickly and moving on.

Having an option to "pop-out" conversations - like you can with Skype chats - would be a great add on feature

Yes, yes,  yes.  Why is it so hard to remember where I was when I switch back say from the Chat window to the Teams window?


Imagine if Excel scrolled right back to the top of your document every time you switched sheets. People would be justifiably upset, but Teams does that all the time.


Jamie, they actually just changed the uservoice item for poping out things to working on it, so it's coming.