Teams mobile client battery drain

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Any plans to overhaul the Teams mobile client as it has high usage on both Android and iOS platforms to the point battery consumption can be almost 50%.  Other competitor mobile applications do not do this, or have remedied the battery consumption issue. Most of my customers can barely make it to noon before getting low battery warnings on their mobile devices.

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We are continually improving performance on all our apps. Thank you for giving this feedback. You can also shake to send us a trouble report right from the app which is always very helpful to us.

@Karuana Gatimu It's been over a year, and we see battery drain issues on both Android and IOS clients. On Android, I've seen around 30% usage, while on IOS, one 20-minute audio call brought an iPhone 7 from 87% down to 22%.

In this day and age - it would be nice to deliver the K12 content through Team client on phones but this battery drain issue is something to be concerned about.

@Karuana GatimuIs this on any agendas for attention? I've been having 35 - 50% Teams battery drain on Android without even using Teams mobile app during the day, and today it used 10% even after I stopped the app. Didn't disable it, but did stop it. How does it drain when stopped? I don't want to encourage colleagues and teammates to use mobile versions if they don't have a charger with them at all times.

Hi. Please can you give an update on this issue as it makes the Android mobile app.

Please look into this.


Same here. Android phone left idle overnight, with Teams app not started and very little if any activity on our company Teams. Next morning a significant drop in battery with Teams responsible for 33%.

That is simply not sustainable.


The earliest reports of this issue here are more than a year old now.

Microsoft, please look into this ASAP.

@andrewdarrow I noticed that the background usage for the past 10 days in my iphone has been so large. 5 hours on screen and 9 hours of background activity. No wonder my battery has drained its capacity for the past months.

This is a massive issue as it makes the app effectively unusable. All my work colleagues are also seeing this.

How do we get Microsoft to fix this?

Is anything being done to address Teams video meetings draining laptop batteries?

My battery went from 86% to 5% during a Teams meeting. And no, this is not an old laptop. Also, Mac or PC, doesn't matter: Teams will nuke your battery in no time flat. 


In reading previous posts, its been an issue for over two years. Anyone find any fixes? Is there any planned fixes in the roadmap?


I have 25.5% battery usage from Teams on my Samsung S8 today, and I havent even used Teams once on the phone. This is ridiculous.

@MichaelBag Same problem here. Using iOS (iPad and iPhone) background activity is very high. Hope to see a solution. 

There were no outstanding updates or issue son my phone, so I did a full power cycle. The problem has not come back. Fingers crossed.


When I had issues about the power consumption with Teams I did the following:

- update / reinstall the company portal app (Intune) if that is in use. To me it seemed that Intune & Teams had entered into a some sort of mismatch so I eventually removed & reinstalled Intune to fix some issues.

- Teams app remove + reinstall was not a bad thing to do while doing that to Intune

- earlier I also had issues with Microsoft Authenticator. Again - remove + reinstall solved the issue.


One or two of those usually fixed the power drain. Intune trick I did a couple of times but those had months in between.