Teams migration "postpone" mode

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Hadrien-Nessim Socard from France i'm working as a Microsoft/Office 365 Consultant for different customers with a focus on SharePoint (OnPrem & Online) + Teams & Flow  


I'm looking for some information about the transitioning & migration skype to Teams because we (partners) are very challenged by our customers on this process.


I experience a situation which seems not documented in Microsoft migration guide . The pb is about the "postpone" mode Microsoft provide. When we use it we are stuck and can't force a migration to Teams Only mode. At the moment I only found a reference in a hiden pdf in Fastrack documentation  with only this sentance [...] "a process by which they can choose to postpone the Microsoft automated upgrade experience" [...]


Is it something Microsoft will communicate about it or change ?

How to force the migration for a tenant which is in "postpone" status for Teams migration ?


Of course already tried with PowerShell and through admin center : more details and screenshot on this situation can be found there :


Many thanks for your help

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Did you contact Microsoft Support with that question? I believe that is the process.