Teams meetings missing functionality

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We use Skype for Business to deliver webcasts to customers and would love to move to using Teams, but there are a number of features missing from Teams meetings that we use in Skype:


  • Turning off IM/chat for all meeting attendees
  • Muting audio for all attendees - we can mute all attendees but they can unmute themselves
  • Moderated Q&A
  • Real-time polls - this can be done via Polly but is cumbersome and requires chat

We did look at Teams Live Events, which allow us to do most of the above, but that comes with a 30-60 second lag, which is not acceptable for webcasts with interactive polls and Q&A.


I'd love to understand the plan for addressing the missing features, especially as Teams has been deemed "functionality complete" with regard to Skype.

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Hi Martin:

We are working on adding these capabilities in Teams Meetings.


These for the response. It's good to hear these are planned. We will eagerly keep watching for them to light up in Teams. The sooner we can move from SfB to Teams the better!