Teams Meetings / Audio Conferencing (PSTN) Integration

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In SfB Online, PSTN integration for meetings had a few design gaps that caused problems for our end users.  Many of these features I'm about to list can be found in other conferencing solutions:

  • If a user decided to use the "Call-me" function, they were still forced to use their phone keypad (*6) to mute/unmute instead of being able to mute through the app. 
  • The "Active Speaker" indication only functioned if the speaker and the participant viewing were both connected via Skype Audio.  This introduced a challenge for moderators trying to figure out which phone user was interrupting their call.
  • Dial-in phone users could not be renamed
  • If a user for some reason had a phone audio session that wasn't linked to their web session, there was no function for them (or a presenter) to manually link the 2 sessions together
  • When utilizing the "Mute All" feature, phone sessions were not locked from unmuting themselves like Skype Audio users were.  As you can imagine, this surprised a lot of presenters when a phone user interrupted their presentation.


Are there plans to address these gaps/missing features in Teams Audio (PSTN) Conferencing?


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