Teams Meetings & Live Events questions

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Teams Meeting:

- Will there come additional Meeting options? like everyone on mute and organizer can allow participants to allow mic when hand is raised.
- Will there be a different layout during meetings? Like presenter content + Camera feed.
- Will the collaboration between Outlook and Teams will be improved? Like presence for external and “Join Meeting” in pop-up that will go directly to Teams instead of webpage?

Live Events:
- will Live Events get audience polling? Like what was possible with Skype for Business broadcast with Pulse.
- Different layouts for live events?
- Possible for presenter to start camera and shared content to allow Producer to select the presenter. This could make switching between presenters (with both own PowerPoint) smoother. When presenter 1 is sharing presentation/screen and presenter 2 is starting to share his/her screen/presentation to get ready, it will be directly live. Will be nice when the producer is in control for shared content.
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Thank you for your comments, @Mitchell Bakker  Have you reported these issues on our user feedback site?  There you can report issues, make suggestions and follow up with updates on upgrades and feature improvements.


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