Teams: Granting External Users

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Hello, my name is Adam Tobias. Is there plans to have Microsoft Teams be used to collaborate with Internal users and External users? Is this available today? Or is Microsoft Teams not meant for the use of Internal Users and External users? When I think of Teams, regardless if the users are Internal or External, they are set of users working together to share, discuss, and meet a common goal/milestone/tasks/etc.

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Hey Adam, 

We just announced external sharing for Microsoft Teams. Learn more here:

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Hey Adam, 

You're absolutely right about the vision of Teams. Teams is meant to facilitate collaboration for all people who work together be it within or without a user. 


We have guest access that helps you invite other users from other tenants into Microsoft Teams. Please see the video here:


Thank you Ansuman for your response and appreciate the Youtube vid you embedded. Will definitely give this a watch.


I see Teams boosting communication for project collaboration amongst teams (internal and external). Such as clients working with awarded contractors to complete a project.

Any updates using Teams with external users?

What is your Question Jennifer if it already works or?

Does teams work with external users or...not?