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The global rollout of teams has been a real problem for those of us in the Educational space. Msft enabled all users even where they did not enable the product. Then I get told its up to me to de-provision the users to remove the invalid links. Bottom line is we are customers too and my user base has been asking for teams for a long time. When will we get it? The stock answer of you looking into it just doesnt sit well with me or my users. Can someone give a more definitive answer as to when we will see the product enabled?


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Mark - here's the straight answer. As of yesterday, Teams is available to Edu users/tenants. Access is governed by two things: 1) a switch at the tenant level and 2) per-user licensing. Both have to be "on" in order for a user to get into Teams.

#1 is a temporary mechanism we provide to allow customers to manage the roll-out. It is defaulted to off, although that will change at some point (like it did for commercial license users), and it will go away completely at some point.

#2 is the "proper" way to manage access, and it's the only way to manage whether or not the tile shows up in the app launcher and waffle.

This is great news! Thank you! I've just enabled it.

It should be noted that by default users that currently have the Office for Education license automatically have been given the Microsoft Teams license. So everyone already has the App Launcher Tile although at the Tenant Level Access is turned off. Therefore users will attempt to go to Teams and be notified that it's not enabled!  So to properly roll out Teams I need to remove the Teams license for 30k students and 3.5k employees and then enable Tenant Level Access. Then add the per-user licensing for IT employees to properly evaluate Teams. 

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Some feedback from EDU on the licensing of Teams.  On March 3rd, the Teams license appeared in our Tenant and was enabled for all 100,000 + users. (we have a script which notifies us of new O365 licenses so we were alerted when Teams license appeared).  However, since we are EDU, Teams was not availalbe to us at the time, so our users were seeing the new Teams icon and then getting the "Talk to your administrator" message when trying to access Teams.  Since we have 100,000 + users in our tenant, it then takes us close to a day to disable the license via Powershell and our Help Desk has to deal with the end user confusion since our users are seeing the Teams icon in the App launcher.


We have provided feedback in past on how the "automatic enabling" of new O365 features impacts large environment who need time to plan, manage and communicate new services or features, so I just wanted to take opportunity to reiterate that point.


Thanks for all the great info on Teams and the AMA.



Would it be possible to have a "Teams for Education" space in the Teams Community?