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Two questions


- First, at Ignite you announced Teams for Android, but I failed to catch when it's suppose to arrive. 


Second - Teams is the only video conference app that is based on Google Play, why is that?

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@pml_avcenter Teams is currently available for Android and can be downloaded today. There are several video conferencing apps available in the Google Play store, although that may also depend on country or language.

Hey @KathyParker 

I should have been more clear in my question. 


My question concerns IOT units like eks. Polycom Studio x50, which currently is laking different functions with the current firmware. Not android phones. 


Another side question - I noticed Teams has been removed on the Chromebook version of Google Play Store - Why is that? 


Yes, there are many, but Teams are the only one using Google Play Services to work. 



@pml_avcenter - Teams for Chromebook should be available, to help with your issue, can you share your device model / OS version for us to investigate? Thanks!



The Poly x50 is a Teams purpose-built device for video conferencing. You will see a different UX from android mobile phones on these devices as it is customized for use in shared conference room spaces.