Teams data retention and legal hold

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What are the plans for Teams data and conversations (to include chat activity) to be available for retention based on legal holds placed against any of the individual users in a given team?


The default retention of between 7-30 days will not be sufficient in some cases.

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Hi Dan, thanks for the question. We're working on building out our archiving and compliance story, including leveraging Exchange. If possible, can you share some more details on your specific requirements via our feedback tool. There's an active topic here you can vote and comment on:
Has there been any progress with this and retention around MS Teams. I am on an initiative around Slack and migrating over and working in advance a support model which involved governance.

I just blogged about this capability Miguel - please take a look. Feedback and questions welcome:

This is a great read and appreciate sharing. I'm now really holding onto hope that retention will soon be made available. This has been a big push and until its available cannot move forward in opening it up for our general audience.

Thanks - placing a team on legal hold will retain the data.

We actually only want to retain items for a certain period of time.