Teams Creation for Office 365 Groups with more than 2500 users (Owners and Members)

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What happens if you connect a Microsoft Teams to a Office365 groups that has more than 2,500 members ?. How does Teams behave if in case, we have more than 2500 users in  Office 365 groups?


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I believe this is possible! But the underlaying architecture isn’t built for it and performance among things can’t be guaranteed! Not supported at the moment
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Teams is designed for Teams and the Inner loop of workers you work with. There was a bit of controversy about Org wide teams because how can you have a chat, for example, with that many users? For larger groups, Yammer, SharePoint or Kaizala are likely the applications of choice and Teams is brought down to smaller sets of users. As Adam says, whilst it may technically be done, it may not be the best way for what you are trying to do. The impending private channels where you can break that Team down and manage each channel independently may make a lot of sense here

The mimitation of org-wide teams to 2500 members is a much discussed topic and many organizations are waiting for the limit to be significantly increased. You can vote for it here:


There is a good chance that this limit will (soon?) be increased to 5000 (see here), but for many, this is obviously still not enough.


I'm not sure what Microsoft's reason is for imposing such limits, but I suspect that this has to do with not wanting to create too much competition for Yammer. The mantra that is being repeated all over the place is the distinction between the "inner loop" and the "outer loop", but I see no reason why it should be a problem to use Teams for both inner- and outer loop communication.